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2KW Dijital FM Transmitter

Digital modulator(DDS), stereocoder and built-in RDS encoder, High efficiency (Less energy consumption, Less heating), Extra power supply for control system, Broadband(87.5-108MHz)

4 kW FM Transmitter, Mains efficiency (> 67%), Power Consumption 5320VA

Digital exciter, Remote Control via Internet, High efficiency (Less energy consumption, Less heating), Extra power supply for control system, Broadban

10 kW FM Transmitter, Mains efficiency (> 67%), Power Consumption 13300VA

Digital exciter, Remote Control via Internet, High efficiency (Less energy consumption, Less heating), Extra power supply for control system, Broadb

Digital Studio-Transmitter Link

Complete solution for 10-12 GHz Band TV and FM Radio Link requirements.
Composed of: Encoder, Decoder, Antennas, Cables and connectors
There are 1 Video and 2 Audio Inputs/outputs

Omnidirectional FM Dipol

Aluminium, Gain:2.15 dBd, Broadband


DEVOTION is a completely software defined radio that can be monitor the FM radio stations in 87.5-108MHz frequency band.

It has 1.5W speakers, headphones jack and audio outputs to monitor the aud

1000 W FM Pallet Amplifier

Supply voltage: 48V
Device: BLF178XR

CABSAT 2016 DUBAI   21.3.2016 

ONAIR MEDYA took part in DUBAI CABSAT SHOW between March 8th and 10th. CABSAT 2016 permitted us to enlighten customers about the advantages of using Onair products. Our main focus was on FA4K ONAIR 4KW FM Amplifier. Visitors were impressed by the performances displayed by FA4K: Higher efficiciency with lower power consumption and less heating. Last but not least, FA4K remain very competitive in term of pricing. (See link for more detail http://www.onair.com.tr/katalog/eng/fa4k.pdf). As expected, the exhibition helped us get in touch with strategic partners from different country. The discussions held upon futur projects for Africa and the Middle-East forecast a bright future for Onair Medya and its partners.

The visitors have pulled the hat for ONAIR FM Transmitters at Amsterdam IBC 2015...   15.9.2015 

We presented our FM transmitters and Digital Radio/TV microwave links radio at the IBC 2015 exhibition in Amsterdam. There was great interest in our products as usual. Valued around the world, our transmitters are designed with reflections resistant transistors; have a low heating and high efficiency. Exciter with RDS included and DDS which is the best technology of transmitter modulators made all our customers pulled their hat . Our distributor in Nigeria, Osaze Iyamu has pulled the hat for real.

There was a great interest to 1kw, 2kw and 4kw FM transmitters at CABSAT 2015 in Dubai...   29.3.2015 

We promoted 1kw, 2kw and 4kw FM compact transmitters at CABSAT 2015 in Dubai. We use 6th generation very rugged LDMOS transistors in all FM transmitters. They are very rugged and very efficient. Energy comsumption is very low. With the saved energy cost, they pay their cost in 3 years. All transmitters have digital DDS modulator, digital stereo coder and RDS encoder. And the prices are very attractive. So, ONAIR booth was the most popular one at CABSAT...

We have introduced FTC series FM transmitter at Dubai CABSAT Exhibition...   15.3.2014 

We were at Dubai CABSAT Exhibition in 11-13 March 2014. There was great interest to FTC series Compact FM transmitters. Why? Because they use LDMOS very rugged transistors, efficiency is around 67%, RDS encoder is free inside, digital DDS modulator with DSP based stereo coder etc. Specifically 1KW with 1 transistor, 2KW with 2 transistors and 4KW with 4 transistors transmitters were very popullar.

We launched FM Monitoring Receivers and introduced FM transmitters, DVB-T2 Audio/Video Microwave Links in Amsterdam IBC 2012, 7-11 September 2012, the world's largest trade fair.   15.9.2012 

There are two kinds of FM Monitoring Receivers which analyzing the quality of the FM radio broadcasting and visualize RDS information, if the receiving signal level decreases, the equipment runs siren to warn the user. DEVOTION has 1U rack box with 2W stereo speakers. COMPANION has 20W speaker with a table-type wooden box. It has AUX and USB ports. Both have excellent sound quality because of its software based demodulation. LCD shows temperature, hummidity and time when switches off. IBC 2012, hundreds of visitors are fascinated especially designing of the FM transmitters. FM transmitters that we produce till 20KW, have LDMOS pallet amplifier modules with BLF578, now it is used by manymanufacturers in the world and after this fair will be used more. ONAIR started to use SMD pick and place machine in first quarter of 2012, all the modules are produced in our assembling plant, tested by the latest test&measuring equipment and experienced engineers&technicians.

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